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  • nice design! love the colors.

    Thanks, originally there wasnt any colour, but I didnt like it, so I was just messing with it, never intending to use it, and bam, it became all pretty on me.

    Any one else?

    I hate to repeat post so many times… BUT, about 100 people have been referred by this post, but no one has commented. I have actually started checking the site out in older IE versions and finding problems, if you find any let me know. I don’t know how it shows up in Safari. Any ways, let me know of any problems, how u like it, and how you think it can be improved. Thanx 😀

    Well looking at your thread history, it doesn’t look like you contribute to anyone elses requests for site reviews either? Why would you expect it in return?

    Point Taken. Makes Perfect Sense, thanx.

    ok, since the point was taken, i like the site 🙂 It’s an interesting new twist and unique way to present your blog.

    thanx a million, I’ve been actually meaning to be more involved in the community, but I easily get side tracked, and some topics I feel I’m just not able to comment on.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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