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  • Igor,

    Can you point to me where in my wordpress directory does Jazzy Forms store the information that you make when doing a form. My Jazzy Forms is “stuck” in a static screen right now and I need to reset or delete it to get it working again. Ive deleted and re-installed jazzy forms, but the screen is still stuck in its static form. Jazzy Forms wont work.

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  • Plugin Author jazzigor


    Hi. I’m sorry you are having trouble with my software. Before wiping everything away, it would actually be useful for me to dig into your case and see what is happening. Other users might run into the same problem (including yourself in the future).

    Back to your question: similar to other plugins Jazzy Forms configuration is stored in the database instead of the file system. Corresponding DB tables and options (entries in the wp_options table) carry the “jzzf” prefix in their name.

    The following data could help me to analyze the problem:

    • the page’s source code (i.e the output of your browser’s View Source Code command)
    • JavaScript errors, if any
    • a dump of the DB tables I mentioned before

    Jazzy Forms also has a hidden diagnostics screen (something like a cheat mode). I actually wanted to keep this secret but here it goes: go to the “Forms” page and add &diagnostics=1 (ampersand “diagnostics” equals one) to the URL. Then press the big “Don’t press this!” button. This wipes away all DB configuration and deactivates the plugin. Please, don’t play around with the other options on that screen. For authorized personnel only.

    Plugin Author jazzigor


    One more thought: it might be that the JavaScript scripts loaded on the Jazzy Forms page are not in sync with the current plugin version due to your browser’s caching. Could you try to delete your browser’s cache and hit refresh? This particular issue should be mitigated with v0.9.9, coming out by tomorrow.

    Thanks for answering Igor. Below is the page source code for Jazzy Forms. Its pretty long. I could not find wp_options table. I looked for it with an ftp program. I did not get any Javascript errors although it looks like Javascript is the main problem since the Forms page will not let me do anything

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    @pres7, no one is going to read that code because it’s unreadable here. Also you’ll keep hitting the spam filter if you keep posting unmanageable amounts of code like that.

    Edit: Also? If it’s just the code from the plugin, why are you posting that at all…? The other members can just download it from the plugin page.

    Please use instead.

    From that link:

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    Here’s the page source code on pastebin

    And here’s the page source of the output page.

    It works here, but I cannot edit anything in the Forms page.

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