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  • I have used this (at clients request) on two WordPress sites and a few static sites.

    All of the sudden the image that is scrolling in (on the right) won’t show until it is fully on the screen on the WP sites.

    It was working on both of these WP sites when I completed them (one was just done about a month ago they other one maybe 3 months ago). There have been no updates to WP or plugins on either of these sites. WordPress 3.4.2. / Modified 2011 theme WordPress 3.5.1 / Modified Responsive Theme

    Both are using the script in the ‘custom fields’ using the ‘Get Custom Field Values’ plugin.

    The script on this static site is the same exact script (everything, copied pasted, pulling the same photos etc) as on the danceFX site and it runs in Chrome fine.

    At first I thought maybe my Chrome was updated and ???, but why is the static version working correctly.

    All of these websites are on HostGator servers (not the same one) but I’m not sure what the server has to do with it.

    They run fine in IE9, they run a bit ‘skippy’ in FF 19 but not with the same issue I’m describing, and fine Safari 5.1.

    So to summarize – The static version runs fine in all browsers, the WP version has changed the way it behaves in Chrome sometime in the last week or so. No updates have been made to either site for WP or plugins.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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