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  1. fnoo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Brief description:

    Little of the javascript on my post.php or post-new.php pages will work anymore. This includes the word count feature, #post_name, #post-status, #visibility, #edit_timestamp, and the post tags and most-used tags features.

    On post-new.php, I can add tags and pull up the most-used tags list. Otherwise, I get all the same errors across both.

    The javascript used to work; now it doesn't, on any browser (including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE). A while back my site was hacked, and the timing of the error corresponds with the hack. Since then I have repaired all of the damage and indeed reinstalled WordPress, but the javascript problem persists. I only have a couple of plugins, and the problem has nothing to do with those or with my theme.

    I have disabled CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS and COMPRESS_SCRIPTS, and I have enabled SCRIPT_DEBUG. No change.

    So what can I do to get my posting page back to normal?

  2. fnoo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Even with the installation of the new WordPress version, I still have this problem.

    Actually, the problem now is exacerbated. Previously I could at least do a "quick edit" on the posts view page to add tags and whatnot. Now that is no longer an option.

    Anyone got an idea what's going on?

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