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  • Ok guys I am about to tear my hair out. I have tried just about everything I can think of and I still havent solved my problem. I am simply trying to paste a javascript code into a widget. In this case its an adsense widget.

    I have the wordpress site hosted on go daddy and I have called them and they said there is nothing on their end preventing me from doing anything wiht javascript.

    I have tried every single plugin you can name that either is a specific adsense plugin or is a javascript plugin. I have even watched a couple of youtube videos about this.

    When I paste the javascript code into a text widget and click save the loading circle just goes on and on and on. When i use an adsense plugin and I paste the code in there it just loads for a while then safari goes to an error page.

    I have tried different browsers, different computers that have different versions of my operating system, I have downloaded java, I have disabled java and javascript on my browser, i have tried pasting the code directly into editor, and I have tried to get it to work on all my themes….

    Nothing works. I am begging someone to help!!!

    I jsut want to ad ads to my site!

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