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  • iRob


    I have a free account, and I have Google Adsense and I want to be able to put a little block of Adsense in, but I don’t know how or where I could put that in. Its a free account, so I can’t really edit the page itself. I tried putting it in a text sidebar widget, but that didn’t work well. I really don’t know what to do, I’m raising the money to be able to buy a host to be able to use WordPress on, but I can’t unless I get the money, unless I put ads on the site… where could I put them? Is the only place in the actual entry itself, or will that even work? All help is appreciated.

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  • Samuel B


    You can’t download and edit your sidebar.php? That’s the usual spot.
    You can put it in the post, but you need to turn off the wysiwyg editor and use the basic one. Also, c & p usually doesn’t work – but be sure the code is exact.



    No, the thing is, its a free WordPress account. From . If it were a different host, yeah, but… I’m stuck.

    Samuel B


    Check their forums – there may be a work around.



    these forums are for supporting wordpress that you host yourself – not on

    Check the sticky in the above forum.

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