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Javascript not working anywhere

  • Javascript isn’t working on my website http://thejist.info and thus LightBox (or anything like it) and NextGen Gallery are also not working.

    You can test this by clicking an image in a post or going to this post http://thejist.info/2008/03/march-art-gallery/ and clicking (SHOW AS SLIDESHOW) and it will tell you that javascript isn’t working.

    I can’t figure out why… I changed the theme and disabled all plugins to no avail

    I hope someone has a answer.

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  • Whichever piece of code (most likely somewhere in next-gen-gallery plugin) is putting out a bad script tag. Look at the src:


    You should be able to load this in your browser and view the javascript source, but doing so turns up a 404. My advice would be to fix these links manually.

    This post agrees with me too 🙂

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