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  • Hi,

    After updating this plugin to latest version, the javascript based functions are not working anymore. My firebug gives the following error on the console for javascript debugging:

    TypeError: parent.avatar_refresh is not a function
    parent.avatar_refresh(jQuery(‘.avatar_avatar img.avatar’).attr(‘src’));

    Any suggestions?

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  • Another bug; plugin now adds a aditional / befor the image file location of the popup (image of resizing on the right):

    <div style=”width: 489px; height: 260px;”>
    <img id=”avatar_upload” src=”//dded6896-ac23-4024-950a-ffbc08bd9539.jpg”>

    Another update; previos version of the plugin also has the javascript error, but there the ‘rescaling’ tools apear on the image. With incorrect sizes (alwas small, does not remember previous scale).

    Another update,

    Seems that $files[BASE_FILE] contains a additional / before the image url.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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