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    I’m not sure what I did.. Just out of nowhere, the script links put out by the wp_head() call in my header.php are not working in Firefox, thus my nivo slider (slideshow) and wp admin bar are not working on the front end, however the admin bar is working perfectly fine on the back end. Along with the Javascript script links, the css links are not working as well.

    I’m guessing that it’s the variable that is sent along with the script and css links that is making Firefox reject it (the ?ver=20911109 after wp-admin-bar.css). It’s working fine in Chrome, Safari and Opera.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • Resolved… Had to change the WordPress address URL and the Site Address URL under General Settings. I guess Firefox needs that “www” to recognize scripts with GET vars passed through. Weird how after a week it just now started freaking out.

    I have this same problem. Some Javascript files won’t load in the wp_head() used by two of my plugins. Also, as you described the admin bar will not display but displays correctly when in the admin section.

    I tried removing the trailing slashes off the URL and Site Address URL, disabling all plugins and using different themes but it stays the same?

    This is actually what I get in my browser. Notice all the URL’s with two slashes at the front?

    Image link

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