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    Hi Timm and sorry but this is me again. now where almost everything seemed working normally i just got a conflict… 🙁

    I use a Theme Integrated widgetkit to place Sliders, Banner and other good stuff. i just keep using that if possible but either i can run the edge plugin or that widgetkit plugin… if i activate both only the widgetkit plugin does not work anymore ( banner dont show up)
    Please could you give me an advice on that as well?
    PS: i tried using iframe but that is just not a good solution and does mess up the logo

    here is the link again to the site

    thanks a lot

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  • this is what i see in red in the console

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'slideshow' widgetkit-5e255824.js:14
    (anonymous function) widgetkit-5e255824.js:14
    o jquery.js:2
    p.fireWith jquery.js:2
    w jquery.js:4
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    having multiple JS plugins on a site can be quiet tricky. That’s what the iframe renderer is basically for. I don’t like the approach, but it should work. Is it not working for you?

    There is also a harder way, which I didn’t have the time to yet. As far as I can tell what’s happening is that widgetkit has it’s own “instance” of jQuery running. In no conflict mode, but with the clever name “jQuery”. Most plugins do that nowaday. Edge as well. So what happens is that widgetkits jQuery variable gets overwritten by Edges’ jQuery and of course that one doesn’t have the widgetket modifications. But that is just a quick guess.

    I’ll see if I find the time to take a closer look at this on the weekend. But to be save I would try to get iframes to work. I’ll get back to you…

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    I gave it a shot. Try the latest dev version

    In the Edge Suite settings active debugging and jquery noconflict mode. You have to reupload the composition. Then check the JS console and see what it tells you.

    Let me know if this solves it or if you run into more problems.

    Hey thanks man! i really appreciate your hard work!! It seems to work with only the jQuery NoConflict mode. I seem not to need to turn on the Debugging mode. check it out HERE

    Anyways i get only this in the Firebug console…

    TypeError: fnCycle is not a function
    [Bei diesem Fehler anhalten] 	

    i must say i am not a professional so i hope you see more than me… LOL

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    i can’t reproduce the error. I adjusted the noconflict script a bit, try the latest dev version of the plugin. It of course works without debugging enabled, it just helps to see what’s going on. As the widgetkit is not free there is no way for me to test this in more detail, there is not much left I can do form here on.


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    This seems to work for now so I’m closing the issue and I will commit it to head pretty soon. Please reopen when there are new JS related issues.

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