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  • Hello together,
    i have startet a projekt with some friends and now one of them told me that he couldn’t use a Javascript in his account, not in the sidebar or posting.

    I tried automatically at my Superadmin Account and it was function. After a small discussion i tried with a secont account and there the Javascript was always deletet.
    So i think normal User, even with admin rights, don’t have the permission to use Javascript.

    Is there a way that i can activate Javascript for all or only some user? Perfect would be, if i could check, or uncheck a user of using Javascript.


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  • The possibility to grant users Super Admin rights is no option for me, because then the user has access to the complete Network.

    Are you talking about the front end or back end of the site?

    What ‘sidebar’?

    When a user writes a post and put a javascript into the html code, then the normal user click on publish or save, the Javascript just dissappear.
    And with Sidebar i mean the Widgets, the “Text Widget” where you can put your own Code and whatever inside.
    The same happens here. If a user put a Javascript into the Text-Widget, it dissapear when he click on save.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    This is normal behavior. In a network, javascript and a lot of code will get stripped.

    And how i can change that?
    I would like that a user is able to use Javascript. I know that i could cause problems because of bad scripts, but i normally know who is working in my network and i don’t need to disallow them using of scripts.

    You have the users tell YOU what JS they want and where.

    Or… This is, generally, a terrible idea on a NONRESTRICTED MultiSite. If anyone can signup then you DO NOT want to even CONSIDER this plugin. Hear me? Okay.

    You’ve been warned. If you use this and someone destroys your site, we will sit and nod and go “Well, yeah. You used the unfiltered plugin. We DID warn you it was powerful.”

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Doesn’t matter how much you trust the user, even yourself. You could *unknowingly* put bad code in there to muck things up.

    Here be dragons & all that.

    Yeah, but i can also kill my own single blog, where i am able to use scripts.

    The Registration is complete closed and i’m the only one who create the subdomains for them. In that way it is restricted that not everybody can come, create sites and do whatever he or she wants.
    At this point, thats the only restriction.
    For “Destroying sites” a create a daily Backup. Everytime i add plugins, themes or i do other changes, i update the backup of the online files. Only the User Uploaded files i still have to search for a solution that they get backed up every one to two days.
    I think in that way i should be save that, even if one of them will crush my site, i can set it up without big trouble. At least i hope so.

    Right now i found a different Solution for Script in the Widgets. “Ad Codes Widget”

    So they can use the Widgets to get Javascript into them. If they would need more than that, bad luck i think.

    Thank you very very much for your help and your warning. And if i still get my Multisite killed… i know at least where it comes from 😉


    On a single install of WP this is less of an issue since if you blow up your site, you annoy one person: You. On MultiSite, I would piss off my partner, my dad, my aunt and my grandmother. DO NOT piss off the grandmothers!

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Amen to that one.

    Okay, i have tested around and yes, you are right. To give users the full ability to use whatever shit script they want isn’t the best solution in a multi user Network.

    So i have deleted these kind of plugins and now all are restricted again.

    Is there at least a way that the blogger on my multiblog are able to use iframes? So that they could create whatever code onto their own server and open it into an iframe on their blog in my wp?

    I found also here already plugins, where it should be possible, but, after all your warnings, i don’t run them, without asking if there are then the same problems again.

    In my small understanding, they can’t harm my WP. because the iframe is just a page on my page, not directly coded content on the wp.

    I hope you will help me again in this.


    In my small understanding, they can’t harm my WP. because the iframe is just a page on my page, not directly coded content on the wp.

    iframes pull in 3rd party content and those can be leveraged. This is not to say they’re BAD (I use them to make some of my ads work better), but they’re something you should be very, very aware of before you mess with them.

    Why are they needing to add this code? I’m asking because maybe if I know WHY I can help find a different solution 🙂

    I just can count down what were the requests:
    One like to add his own counter, the next like to add Webcams (Iframe OR Script he had both and both not possible) into the sidebar. The next one asked for some kind of Textwidget what, when he show me, was a script that creates rotating Text with links to affiliates (Had also Iframe and Scriping Version). The 4th i can’t remember exactly, but it was a kind of toplist script/link. For counting In/Out hits on Toplists, only possible in Script function, where i topld directly that i don’t acceppt script code at the moment and possible future.

    Till now, all are only asking for, in my opinion, very simple Things in that way.


    And what i’ve heard also yesterday was, that incorrect sourcecode also get deleted if entered. I know that code should be clean and that there regularities, but not everyone understand them, knows them or even know what correct html code has to look like.
    And if somebody muder his Blog by using wrong Code, it’s up to them, because the templates are untouchable, they can’t harm others.
    Is it possible to deactivate this kind of ‘babysitting’?


    Yeah, that plugin I linked to turns off babysitting.

    The problem isn’t a user murdering HIS blog, it’s that he can murder ALL blogs :/

    For iFrames, you can try this maybe:

    I have tried everything and tried to read everything but I just cannot get my affiliate link to work in my sidebar. I have copied the link in html code and pasted it into sidebar text and save it but it just won’t show up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for your time and help. I’m using the twenty eleven theme if that makes any difference.

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