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  • I have a WordPress installation for a client that I’m using to host a whole site (not just a blog), and it is generally working well.

    However, the client called me up today and told me they are getting “errors” when they go to the manage pages screen (wp-admin/edit-pages.php).

    I wasn’t seeing the errors in Firefox, but when I tried in IE, I saw two. In both cases, it seems to be related to an apostrophe in the title of a listed page. The page titles are:
    Dale’s Auto Sales
    Fairly Reliable Bob’s

    The code that’s throwing the error seems to be:
    <a href='post.php?action=delete&amp;post=31' class='delete' onclick="return deleteSomething( 'page', 31, 'You are about to delete the &quot;Fairly Reliable Bob's&quot; page.n&quot;OK&quot; to delete, &quot;Cancel&quot; to stop.' );">Delete</a>

    I can see that the apostrophe is being turned into an HTML entity for the Javascript call, but it seems suspicious that only these two page titles cause problems. I’m wondering if perhaps IE might be “converting” the entities to apostrophes? Or maybe it has to do with the fact that they’re “fancy” apostrophes? I’m at a loss but hoping someone knows.

    Any assistance you can offer is much appreciated!

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