• I’m getting an error on the checkout page:

    Unexpected error in: szbd-shipping-message/szbd-shipping-message-block

    Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'reject')

    This happens if the addresses is inside or outside of the shipping zone. The map is also not displayed on the page. I have server mode enabled and one http restricted and one not restricted API key. The error is still present when using the default theme with all but Woocommerce.

    I can show the map through shortcode on other pages.

    Console error:

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'reject')
    at szbd-shipping-message-block-frontend.js?ver=971892d74041adbf884d:1:1064
    at data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:9:1957
    at __unstableMarkListeningStores (data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:2:22508)
    at Object.__unstableMarkListeningStores (data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:2:22765)
    at l (data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:9:1922)
    at data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:9:2426
    at Je (data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:9:2636)
    at Qe (data.min.js?ver=dc5f255634f3da29c8d5:9:2953)
    at component (szbd-shipping-message-block-frontend.js?ver=971892d74041adbf884d:1:1007)
    at wt (react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10:47637)

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  • Plugin Author arosoft


    HI, have you updated to latest version?

    Thread Starter yatt


    Yes, the plugin and Woocommerce are up to date.

    After some further testing I was able to remove the error by using the checkout shortcode, “woocommerce_checkout”, but the map still doesn’t show.

    It still restricts shipping if the address is not within the drawn area. When an address outside the area is entered, no shipping cost shows. When an address inside the area is entered, the shipping cost shows. I can display the map on the checkout page if I add the shortcode directly to the Woocommerce template file.

    Plugin Author arosoft


    Hi, if you update to latest version now it should work with block checkout (without the “woocommerce_checkout” shortcode).

    Im not sure what you mean with “When an address outside the area is entered, no shipping cost shows”.

    This depends on the shipping methods you added.

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