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  • There is a JavaScript error of:

    [Error] TypeError: jQuery('#abf_freight_orderCutoffTime').wickedpicker is not a function. (In 'jQuery('#abf_freight_orderCutoffTime').wickedpicker({
                        now: '',
                        title: 'Cut Off Time',
                    })', 'jQuery('#abf_freight_orderCutoffTime').wickedpicker' is undefined)
    	(anonymous function) (admin.php:1134)
    	i (jquery.js:2:27368)
    	fireWith (jquery.js:2:28123)
    	ready (jquery.js:2:29926)
    	J (jquery.js:2:30282)

    when using the site admin pages of Gravity Forms.

    Not sure why this specific case is coming up (as other similar pages seem to be fine.) That said, Gravity Forms is a pretty important & widely-used plugin so this should ideally be resolved.

    At that point, it seems the inclusion of the wickedpicker script needs to be reviewed and made sure it’s being included in every case the code above is included. Alternatively, it might be a situation where the code above is actually being included on pages where it’s not needed, and it’s that code block that needs to be updated to match when the wickedpicker script is being included (why would Gravity Forms have that code block being included?)


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