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  • I have problems with Javascripts in admin panel.
    Every page have Javascript error.
    I can’t add link to posts because link adding box work with javascript. There is problems with evrything where javascript is in use.

    There is picture of error witch i get every page in admin panel.

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  • I have tried to switch plugins off and theme to default but that don’t help.

    I am too… If I find the answer I’ll post it… I’m determined… it’s driving me nuts

    Although Word press uses javascript to some extent a user cannot add javascript.There seem to be 2 issues here.First of all use c-panel or your FTP program to check for the existence of 3 folders:
    jquery, js, and thickbox. If missing,download and upload to where they should be.
    Secondly research what file permissions each directory should have.After that and you still have problems ask your hosting company for help.Perhaps your .htaccess file is corrupt or your config.ini requires an addition.
    I have had similar problems.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    This is happening to me on multiple browsers, wordpress installs, and web servers. I have no idea what is causing this, but it has been playing up for a few weeks now.




    what is “this”?

    how about describing your problem …

    Javascript not working properly in the admin panel.

    For instance, if I go to post a new post, and try to enter a tag, nothing happens. The default text in the input stays there when I focus, and the ‘Add’ button does nothing.

    Also, nothing happens when I try to hide modules using ‘Screen Options’.




    do you have the JavaScript directories uploaded to your site?

    there is one in the wp-admin/
    there is one inside wp-includes/

    they are both named js

    hi, just upgraded to v2.9 and unfortunately i have the same problem described above.

    before (v2.8) i could not create new tags during post creation; at least then i could fast-edit the post and add tags.

    now (v2.9) i see multiple js errors in my admin page, and i can’t:
    – enter tags
    – fast-edit posts
    – change permalink name

    I looked and found my js dirs.. it seems they’re ok..

    If anyone found or find the solution, please share.
    Thank you

    I have the same javascript error when trying to login to the admin. I have v2.9 and confirmed that both wp-admin and wp-includes contain a js directory.

    The problem is cross-browser and cross-platform IE/Firefox/Safari and PC/Mac

    Please help.

    hi everybody..
    i just upgraded to 2.9.1 and everything started to work fine!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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