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  • Hi there,

    First and foremost, some details:

    WP Version: 3.5
    NextGen Gallery Version: 1.9.10

    The problem:

    Flash upload is not working.

    Clicking the blue “Upload Images” button on the “Add Gallery / Images” admin page produces the following error in the JavaScript console on both Chrome and Firefox:

    div is not defined in ngg.progressbar.js:51

    … which seems to point to this particular section of the ngg.progressbar.js file:

    addNote: function( note, detail ) {
    			s = this.settings;
    			s.wait = true;
    			if ( div.find("#" + + "_note").length == 0)
    				div.append('<ul id="' + + '_note"> </ul>');

    Steps to reproduce the error:

    1. Install WordPress v3.5 with no plugins and login
    2. Install & activate NextGen Gallery v1.9.10
    3. Click the “Add Gallery / Images” link beneath “Gallery” in the left-column menu
    4. Click the “Select Files” button, select a set of images, then select the gallery for them to go into
    5. Click the blue “Upload Images” button
    6. Check the JavaScript console (in Chrome) or the Error Console (in Firefox) to see the “div is not defined” error

    How I’ve atttempted to resolve it:

    I have other plugins installed, but have disabled each of them one-by-one to try to determine if there was a conflict.

    After disabling each of them (and ultimately all of them) I cleared my browser cache and reloaded to ensure no old code was being loaded.

    I haven’t yet tested this in IE, but both Chrome and Firefox reproduce the error.

    UPDATE: I’ve confirmed that the error also exists in IE v9.x – Upon clicking the “Upload Images” button, IE9’s console also reports “SCRIPT5009: ‘div’ is undefined”.

    Any suggestions or ideas for how this might be fixed?

    Much thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to read & respond! 🙂

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  • UPDATE #2:

    Today I decided to try to resolve the JavaScript error myself, and for whatever reason, it isn’t happening now. I cannot for the life of me figure out how or why it’s suddenly resolved.

    I cleared the cache and sessions from each one the browsers I tested this in (IE, Firefox and Chrome) yesterday when trying to duplicate the issue, and no matter what I did the div is not defined error kept happening.

    Then out of the blue today, everything just works.

    Can anybody, or perhaps one of the NextGen Gallery devs, shed some light on why?

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