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Javascript dont work anymore

  • Hello guys, i’ve installed w3tc on my blog (http://cafecomdesenho.com), that uses pinboard theme. The thing is, after enable the plugin, the page cache, minify and other stuff (not all plugin features), the JS stopped working. “Cool” i said, “lets disable minify…”, it doesnt work, “ok, time to disable the plugin…”, doesnt work too. “Ok fine, i will uninstall you!!”…doenst work. Now, all javascript stopped on my blog, i dont have slider, infinite scroll, gallery carousel…nothing. Anyone nows how can i fix it? cause i realy dont wanna rebuild the entire blog.

    Sry about my bad english. Thanks.


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  • Same here mate,

    first I overwrite new WP
    ..then reupload my DB from yesterday ..nothing happens. plugin Featured Posts Grid won’t work

    any ideas?

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