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  • I’m having a problem I hope isn’t that difficult to fix.

    I have a dropdown menu that uses javascript for the dropdown function, but is similar to the suckerfish menus in that it uses css styled ordered lists / list items.

    The javascript used is contained in 3 .js files, 1 of which I can read, the other 2 that are ‘compiled’ in some manner so that they aren’t intelligible to me.

    I have the menu working independent of WP and love it, but I can’t seem to get it to work w/in my WP ‘pages’ (not using the blog functions). I can recreate the exact working page w/in WP, however the javascript errors. If I save the file generated by WP to .html, it works perfectly.

    I’ve tried all kinds of things. I’ve completely stripped everything but the menu code so I know I’m not using other code that might be interfering. I’ve tried absolute and relative paths. I’ve tried pasting all javascript into the WP template files (either header.php or page.php). I’m really stumped, it seems it should work.

    I realize this isn’t a strictly WP problem, and outside of the scope of the main forums, so I’m posting here. I’d really appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.

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