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  • I recently finished some minor but rewarding revisions on a WordPress site I’ve been working on since March, and I thought I would finally ask the kind people on the official forums for some feedback.

    I translate Japanese song lyrics as a hobby and always wanted to create a site in WordPress to house my translations. The problem was organizing it so that users could quickly and easily find the songs they were looking for. Instead of a separate page that would list artist names, I included a drop down menu with every artist available in the sidebar. This eliminated the need for alphabetical pages. However, my only concern is if the list grows too large then it might be frustrating for visitors to scroll through. It’s fairly long already. ^^; Any opinions or ideas?

    For the graphical design, I went with Shahee Ilyas’ minimal and beautiful Barecity as my theme and clumsily hacked the code to add alternating backgrounds on post lists. I’m also using various plug-ins to add links to images, rotate the main page banners and list the 10 most recent translations.

    Please take a look and let me know what you think!

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  • hmm….
    yes, the dropdown menu is kinda long. maybe break it into two, side by side, that are like A-L, M-Z?

    Also, I think you should have the original lyrics on there. Otherwise, it just looks like a collection of lyrics, not translation of lyrics. one would assume that ‘translation’ would provide the original and the translation, or at least the option. along this line, there’s not an option for finding the artist (or song for that matter) via their true japanese name/title via the search or drop-down.

    knowing WP code, i do find it impressive that you were able to make the posts display just the way you wanted, and i love the alternating image.

    also, you might want to have one page that does list all artists with all respective songs under them (this can be easily done with the AZ Index plugin) — the drop down menu isn’t the most intuitive.

    Although I would love to, I’m hesitant to put the original Japanese lyrics up because I have read a few stories of JASRAC (the Japanese RIAA) threatening sites that display lyrics in the original Japanese. However, I do understand your point about it looking like the original lyrics. Also, there are other translation sites that do post up the original lyrics so I will think more on taking this approach.

    I’ve also decided to create a page with all the artists and songs and I’ll look at the plugin you suggested. Thanks discojing!

    I could suggest using “tags” for artist names only.
    I’ve seen it in other sites and keep it all organized in the sidebar. Therefore youu can use categories for other purpouses.

    Thanks for the suggestion ShirouJune! I went with categories initially because the categories widget displayed the drop down list like I wanted. 😛 Since the site is going to be pretty much nothing but song lyrics there would really only be the need for one category: “Lyrics.” If I was going to add bios or discographies, etc. then I guess I could have gone with tags instead. But I plan on just sticking to lyrics and leaving that other stuff to the more artist specific fansites on the web. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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