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  • I ran into a tiny problem. I often write entries etc. in Japanese, English, Russian and some Spanish. WP does want to display Japanese or Russian, and fails to display Spanish Ññ. How can this be helped?

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  • Do a search on the forum next time =P
    I’m waiting for WP1.2 release, which supports multi-language + localization
    At this time, i think you can find the WordPress Japan site (they have a .zip for you to download to hack, I’m still struggling to make it Chinese-compatible @@)

    Here‘s something for Chinese users just to get 1.0.2 up and running. (Links to a Traditional Chinese page.) I think that accounts for the most basic things to do. It still doesn’t fix the RSS feed nor the permalink problem, but it’s enough to get someone started in blogging in Chinese, I think.
    I’d love to see some fixes for the RSS problem posted here, though. I recall reading somewhere that someone’s fixed it, but he seemed quite busy. Sadly, I’m no php expert and havn’t got the time to dig up other WP problems.
    For now I only hope 1.2 will really do what it’s supposed to do.

    I did a search of past postings and saw that some past users had had trouble getting Japanese script to display, but that it was being worked on. Has this been taken care of?

    Go the Wiki and roll down to the International Projects and Localization section

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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