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    Let me check into that. I wonder if a hardcoded domain name could have been left in there….

    Thanks so much.. that would be awesome.. I couldn’t find it hardcoded, so lemme know please.. thanks much!

    Plugin Author goldenapples


    OK, I’ve got it. In the javascript configuration settings (lines 103-122 of gravity-forms-janrain-add-on.php), tokenUrl is being set twice. The first one of those should actually be appUrl – when appUrl isn’t set, it falls back on the Janrain default app.

    Strange behavior. I’m going to release an update in the next hour or so that fixes this issue. Sorry about the hassle.

    Cool beans – thanks much!!

    Thanks so much – worked like a charm (as expected from you guys)!! I will test it out thoroughly later tonight or tomm. Thank you!

    Sorry to bug again, but any idea why the ‘preview’ of the gravity form shows only one social signin row of buttons but when I embed the form like this = [gravityform id=”5″ name=”Sign up for free!” title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”] in a page, the buttons show up as two rows… Also, the preview does get the form pre-filled however the embedded form (in a page) gets the data pre-filled then erases it.. Can you test it on your end please?

    Thanks much and happy new year!

    Plugin Author goldenapples


    Hmm… some issues that I hadn’t thought about before releasing.

    About your first issue: The provider icons buttons are just floated
    <li>‘s inside a containing div. I’m imagining your theme might have some padding applied to <li>‘s that’s forcing the buttons onto a second row?

    I’m not sure how to diagnose the second issue without seeing it. At first I thought it might have to do with being an ajax-enabled form, because different javascript events are triggered on Ajax forms, but I just tried creating a couple of Ajax forms in my test environment and I don’t see that issue. Do you have any other custom Javascript running on that page? Can you open a console and see if there are any notices or errors displayed when the form clears?

    I can ping you directly if you are ok with it.. I tried the form without ajax too.. The problem is that sometimes when I refresh the same page – instead of the icon, the modal windows shows up (typical of the main janrain engage plugin).. another refresh might show me one icons row and another modal window.. not sure what to do..

    Plugin Author goldenapples


    Sure, you can ping me directly: than at janrain dot com.

    But – I think I realize what the issue you’re having is. You’re also using the regular social login plugin, and this uses the same element ID for its widget. So depending on the script loading order, some of the styling of the basic login widget and the actions on authorization are overriding the behaviour of my plugin.

    <del>You should be able to fix by using a different element ID – if you go through the main plugin file and replace all instances of “janrainEngageEmbed” with something different.</del>

    Actually, there’s no way to include two widgets with different settings on one page. You’ll have to disable the rpx plugin scripts for the pages you have forms on.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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