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  • I think it’s really very good.
    The only problem I have with it is that it’s a wee bit too dark. The dates on the entries I can basically hardly see at all and the dark blue font on the black background hurts my eyes on the side menu.
    I think if you brighten up the letters a bit, it would be a little better. But I love the design and the top menu to go to the different sections with the rollover is very nicely done as well. The top graphic definitely portrays a nice surfing site that’s elegantly done. 🙂
    Dark colors are extremely hard to do. When I made my first e-zine back around 1996, it was all dark colors and very hard to design to make it readable. I remember spending a lot of time cruising “artsy” sites of that time (everything was new back then) and figuring out the best colors/shades and layout to use. It wasn’t easy. Now, I’m a lot more lazy. 🙂
    Overall though, really nice touches. Surf’s up. 🙂

    Very nice! I love your header image, looks so cool 😀
    Definitely a great improvement over your brown one, these colors are much more appealing in my opinion.

    Thanks a lot dudes – I shall take a look at lightening up the links (I must admit I’ve not looked at the site on a wide array of monitors yet, so I’ve not experienced the dark side, but I will endeavour to do so, and pronto!)
    Any more for any more?

    It’s great! I agree that it’s a little dark and maybe hard to read, but that’s the price you have to pay for a very nice layout.
    My favorite is the header image with the menu. Saludos!

    Nice color scheme. Nice layout. Keep up the good work.

    not hard to read here:
    daylight, laptop, macintosh, safari.
    good work!

    excellent news, DSS 🙂
    Glad you guys like it. I’ve been adding stuff all the time – trying to get Kitten’s categories hack to work at the moment!

    I’ve made some updates, chaps!
    Still can’t get Kittens category hack to work though.
    She says “…it seems that you’re mixing bracket
    syntax and “end” syntax.
    Try closing up the code with <?php endif ?> and <?php endforeach ?> tags. The PHP site has helpful info on this.”
    Very frustrating! :6

    Ooooh, should have checked the thread again, thanks to BURT i have the answer!



    Volunteer Moderator

    Very nice. I love it!

    Thanki Hanni 🙂
    more updates made today!

    Loads more done to my site lately, including sorting out the wordpress categories and updating my portfolio.
    Would be great to get some feedback.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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