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  • I have installed Jalbum Plugin and activated it, but when I check it out at options/jalbum on admin page I see there are problems.
    It says “failed to open Jalbum folder: Make sure the path (not url, but absolute filesystem path) is accessible on the server.
    Below that it said: Access denied to the protected file

    The readme gave a hint of these issues here: 5. In the options view, make sure the “Absolute server path to default JAlbum folder” path must point to your web servers absolute root path.
    This can be somewhat tricky to locate if you are hosted at a web hotel.
    If the plugin has not set the path automatically, make a PHP script file containing “” and browse it. Look for the value of SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”].Do not use a subfolder as the root path, or any other path for that matter,as this will cause the plugin to fail with regards to the two modes”Full album” and “Single photo”. The “IFrame full album” is not affected by this value as it does not use it.

    I don’t know what the “absolute path” is.

    Any help would be apprectiated,

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  • In order for the plugin to work, it needs to be installed in this exact folder:

    <root of wordpress>/wp-content/plugins/wp_jalbum

    If you rename this folder, or place it elsewhere, the plugin will not work.

    Try that, and let me know if it still bothers you.

    Best regards,
    Michael Schøler

    Thanks Michael,
    I don’t have my wordpress in a “wordpress” folder as wordpress is the website (and the URL wasn’t quite as clean).
    So the Jalbum folder is in:

    It sounds like I have caused myself some self-inflicted pain by pulling WP out of the wordpress folder. I am very good at causing myself pain like this.

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