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  • Hi
    I just recently fell in love with the jacuba “favelet”

    for checking my horrible typing errors, but after upgrading to WP 2.0 it no longer works.

    Does anyone know if if can/will be compatible with 2.0?


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  • Solved.

    Apparently Jacuba doesn’t like the WYSIWYG editor, but will work if it’s disabled. Personally a working spell check is more important to me than the new editor.

    I was curious if anybody had found a way to get Jacuba to work with the wysiwyg editor in WP 2.0?

    I have jacuba working w/o WYSIWYG in 2.0 under IE, but I cannot get it working under any other browswer. Anyone? Anyone?

    Yeah, it appears that all of the plugins for spellcheck work in 2.0 if you don’t have the tinymce editor active.

    I’m trying to find / hire someone to get this to happen.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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