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  • I have an iweb site hosted with godaddy. I want to add a blog about fishing on the fishing page. I don’t know if I need to do this with an iframe or on godaddy. I want a blog inside my website. HERE
    1.If I do it in godaddy will I have to change anything every time I republish my site using iweb?
    2.If I just install wordpress using an iframe on the page, will I need to use

    3.Am I an idiot for asking these questions? I am so new to this and can’t find any “newbie” terms that I understand.
    I thank you so much for any feedback

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  • i guess you could use a website, for that, it’s probably the faster and easier way. you could use an iframe, you just might want to choose a theme that doesn’t have a menu or anything.

    Without the knowledge of php am I confined to in my situation? I have tried several tutorials and they never answer all of my problems. Then I google the question and can’t find an answer. Is there 1 person out there than can offer a solution. I’m sorry I don’t know, but I don’t.No guessing, Although I thank you for taking the time to reply Alex and Anthony.

    Do you have FTP access to your website?

    I have FTP access, as far as I can upload to my host if that is what you are asking.

    well, If you know how to setup WordPress you could upload it to your host, and make an iframe on one of the iweb pages for WordPress and use a small theme for wordpress that only shows the posts. I recommend this one: I can set this up for you if you directly email me

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    I saw your post. If you were to use WordPress, you would be able to install the application within your Hosting Control Center. You can name the subdirectory something like “blog” and have a navigation button on your current website linking to this subdirectory. The appearance would be different from your site since you would be using the WordPress themes available. You can also use iWeb to create your blog if you want to maintain the same look.

    Hope this helps you make a decision!

    I created a site using iWeb. I’m trying to create a blog page with comments. This morning I used Intense Debate to post comments box; however, I found it difficult to iFrame the comments box.

    Since that time, I’ve created a blog folder on (my hosting center). Can you tell me how to link the folder to iWeb?

    Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

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    I am not sure how to actually link it in iWeb (That is a question maybe better suited on the iWeb forums) but the address or URL you would be linking to is just Hope you find this useful! ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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