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  • I’ve been playing with GB on and off for months and I really can’t get to grips with it. Maybe as a casual writer who doesn’t have complex layout needs I’m not the target audience for GB. I find its interface not counter intuitive, but awkward and it seems to have simply added more actions and tasks to creating a simple post.

    I really am trying to understand who the target audience is for GB and why the developers are insisting that it will be core rather than making it optional.

    Forcing Developers, many of whom aren’t professional full time coders, to install a complex development environment and force them to learn a completely new language and development methodology seems a good way to alienate people too.

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    @steveatty thanks for taking all that time to play with Gutenberg. I would love to know more about what you can’t get to grips with. You say the interface for you doesn’t work and is awkward, anything specific there to give feedback on? It’s important right now to get as much feedback as possible.

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    It’s things like if you’re typing and you hit return it puts you into a new block (which I kind of understand) and then when you start typing the current block editor tools (alignment, bold etc) covers up the tail end of the previous block and the only way to see what you finished the last paragraph with is to click away from where you’re editing. I’m the sort of person who tends to write blog entries when I can so I might leave it sitting there for 15 minutes or more and then come back to it. In the classic editor I could easily re-read what I’d written – with GB parts of my post are obscured unless I go out of my way to make it so it isn’t

    There also seems to be a huge amount of white space to the left of the editor area – where as the classic editor gave you more working space. It’s not like GB is being WYSIWYG because it wraps on a shorter line than the front end. So what am I gaining from this over the classic editor? I still have to do a preview if I’m worried out exact layout.

    I tend to write things and go back and fix up formatting adding things like lists – that seems to be just about impossible in GB – I have to decide I want to start a list and select a block to do it. How can I select say 6 lines of text and mark it as a list as I can in the classic editor and other tools? I can’t imagine I’m the only person who works like this.

    Maybe there is an easy way to do it but I’ve not been able to find it

    Also if you have to ever go back to the classic editor – specifically the text view the post is just about unreadable due to GBs use of HTML comments to identify its blocks.

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    @karmatosed – forgot to tag you so I have no idea if you saw my comments.

    I’ve tried it again and I’m still very much of the “I do not like this and it doesn’t fit my work flow”.

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