I've Searched, Still Don't Get Email from 2.7 (5 posts)

  1. KathleenA
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I just upgraded to 2.7 and I'm not getting any email notifications of new comments, and probably other system-generated messages.

    Does anyone really know how to fix this? The threads I found seemed to be more about posting via email, etc.

    The blog is at http://www.BRERBlog.com

    I'd really appreciate a response!



  2. myidea1
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I, too, need an answer to this question. As soon as I upgraded to 2.7 I stop receiving notification emails of new comments. (I have the appropriate boxes checked in 'Dashboard > Discussion Settings'.) However, when I approve a comment I immediately get a notification of the approval. (I have upgraded to 2.7.1 and the problem still exist.)

  3. benjancewicz
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've got exactly the same issue (posted here) and no one is helping me!

  4. myidea1
    Posted 6 years ago #

    benjancewicz, I went to your link above and saw your frustration. I certainly understand. Seems everyone is being ignored, but none like you. If you click on the tag "email notification", which I added when I posted my problem and you will see a lot of people asking for help on this one. My guess is that WP doesn't know what's causing this since the 2.7 upgrade. I just hope they are working on it and will give us an answer someday. But it would be nice if they would just tell us.

  5. vocesenespanol
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem and have been unable to find a solution to it. It's weird, I have two blogs running WP 2.7.1 but this issue (of email notification) is only happening with one of the blogs even though I have everything configured the same inside of the WP-Admin panel. What am I missing?

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