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  • Im a complete novice, so please please bear with me as i may be asking s dumb question, or perhaps performed a dumb move.

    Having just set up a basic wordpress site though my host, i was given a temporary URL & in my haste to change this I consulted the forum & found a comment on how to change it. I was directed to settings / General where instructed to change the URL name. I did this & the site would not display.

    I then tried to log back into my admin account & i cant as the site name doesnt exist and will not let me log in to amend.

    Can anyone help a newbie get back on track

    Mr Novice (literally)

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  • esmi


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    Change the urls back. See Changing_The_Site_URL for details of how to do this.

    This is the problem, i cant get back into my admin area so to change the urls back as the one i changed it to doesnt exist yet or i’ve made an error with the url name



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    Please re-read the page at the link I posted above. None of the methods require you to login to your WordPress dashboard.

    Hay, thanks for the info, I tried via the FTP option via filezilla, however it couldnt connect to the server, the rest of the info is really to technical for me to follow, so I went back to the host, bluehost, & uninstalled, now i cant re install. not sure where to go from here, i’ll have to contact bluehost i guess for their support. thanks again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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