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    I have a wordpress site but I’ve lost the pasword (the username I have it)
    The problem is that i’ve lost even the email with which i have registered (i don’t know anymore the email and password for this email are because i didn’t use it for a time )

    Until now i was entering in my site as an administrator accessing the wordpress login page – which was allredy filled by google browser.

    Please , if there is a way to get back my admin password. Please Help !
    The site which i’ve managed is the site of the company i work.

    All the best!

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  • Wherever you host your site, do you have access to a database administrative tool such as phpmyadmin? It’s highly probably that you do.

    If that’s the case you will be able to manually change the admin email in the wordpress database.

    Hallo , Thanks for the reply.
    I don’t know who’s hosting this site .
    The problem is that i am just an employee of the firm that has this site.
    Another employee before me who left from the company has done it .
    And now i can’t reach him to ask anything.
    My boss don’t know so much about computers or about this site.
    And all my passwords that i had , i’ve lost them because my laptop has crushed.
    I am willing to bring any information that i have to prove that i don’t lie.
    But i don’t have to many – just my username.

    All the best



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    What is the site URL?

    The site URL is “”

    Thank you



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    So here’s some info about where it’s hosted:

    WordPress.ORG (here) doesn’t have any information about any sites – WordPress is just the software – how it’s configured and installed is all on your site and in your database on the hosting server.

    So hopefully, you can get in touch with the hosting company and ask them to help you get access to the database or site files – then see this article to get your password reset –

    Thank you for the reply

    I will contact the hosting site and hope to solve this password problemm.

    All the best

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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