• Out of the box with almost no configuration, I have good looking Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social media buttons on pages and posts of my flying club web site at http://www.hawkflyingclub.org. The plugin appears not just to add social media buttons to pages and posts, but appears to add the Open Graph and Twitter meta information automatically to each page and post.

    In the end, the only configuration after activation required was

    • OpenGraph->Social Sharing->Facebook check “add button to content” and similarly for Google+ and Twitter.
    • OpenGraph->Social Sharing check “Include on Index Webpages” so that the social media buttons would appear at the end of each post on the home page (and not just at the end of each individual post)
    • OpenGraph->Social Style check “use the social styles” which the documentation says should be checked by default but wasn’t for me.

    I was initially confounded by the fact that the Facebook button did not appear on my staging copy of the web site on my localhost web server, but it appeared without incident on the web host’s server. I never did figure out what was going on there.

    In the course of goofing around with the plugin, I did have to hit the “clear all caches” button that appears on the various OpenGraph settings pages for my changes to appear, and clearing my browser cache also seemed necessary.

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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset



    Thanks for the great comment!

    Some hosting providers do a lot of caching — too much in my option — which can interfere with some plugin changes.

    The plugin itself does a lot of caching as well, which it refreshes when you save a Post or Page.

    Thanks for letting me know about the check/unchecked issue with the stylesheets — hadn’t noticed that. 😉 It’ll be fixed in the next version, which will probably be released next week-end.

    And if you ever want to debug that problem on your staging server, check the support forum — happy to help. 😉


    Sorry if this isn’t appropriate (because the topic was closed) – I don’t use forums very often but I just had to thank you for helping me with your solution to the TinyMCE Advanced plugin that was not showing me the kitchen sink – your solution was so easy (Settings – TinyMCE Advanced – then just drag up the icons I wanted to show in the editor and save it) -So thank you Mark I really appreciated it!

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