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  • Hello,

    I made a housing site for the area I went to school in and here it is:

    Grandview Rentals

    Please let me know what you think, and if there is anything you think I should add or take away.


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  • I can see in my stat counter that people are viewing my site through this thread.

    I guess the lack of comments means that there is nothing wrong?

    Good development, coding and organization on this site. Since it is a regional web site, the header should convey clearly by both graphics and text what area your site serves. Also, the footer needs to be compressed. It is too long, and the footer info tends feel lost in that big blue space. With just a few refinements you will have a polished and appealing site!

    Wow, I didn’t think anyone would say anything so thanks for the feedback.

    I guess it does seem like a no brainer to put the the location of my target in my banner i.e Grandview, Mo so I updated my banner with the location evident this time.

    As for the footer I actually like it that way, however, if you mean that it’s long in the sense that your given a scroll bar could you please let me know. For if there is a scroll bar (horizontal one) I do not want that to happen so I would try to fix that.

    Thanks again for the encouraging feedback!

    It looks pretty! I think you could work on the header a bit. The content is overpowering the header. Apart from that, you’ve done a good job

    It seems the header is the last thing that I need to update.

    Do you guys have any ideas for me as to what I could do for the design?

    Look good, but search box is so big. 🙂


    Thanks for the suggestion, I will adjust it and see if I like it smaller.

    Nice Site…What do you use for the listings? individual posts or a certain plugin?

    search bar, subscribe, post a listing are not aligned properly kinda uneven. Your Nav menu is totally overshadowed by the header.

    The header is definitely too busy, I don’t know what to look at first when I visit the site. I think the house icon should be smaller and the text that says “Grandview Missouri Rental Listings” be larger/have more whitespace around it. I actually like the size of the searchbox as it stands out and doesn’t require the visitor to look for it. But I do think the “Search by” content should be in the same row as the search box and not in the header. I would also think about a different way to organize the “Post a Listing” information. I love the big footer but its content needs to be organized a little bit better. Maybe you can split it into two different horizontal rows having the first having a lighter blue background color? Overall its a great site just needs a little bit more organization and a more clear hierarchy of info.

    Also great concept for the website. I might even try this in my area! I live in a college town so it could work out well.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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