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  • An old one I know but I just went to my site and it’s a mess. I can’t get in but on top of that there’s a message from the hacker or a page at least. I can’t get through to my server yet as it’s American and I’m in Australia (even though they say they’re Australia’s best loved). I’d like some advice on what I can do for now. This is not a sales site so it might not be dangerous but it is a nuisance and a great pity. So my question is simply, what do you think I should do, if I can do anything, until I can reach my server which may be another week in truth.
    Gotta detest hackers nearly as much as the callers who say they’re Microsoft engineers!


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  • Yep, hackers are a pain in the buttocks.

    It’s quite the project to clear out a site that’s been hacked.

    In many cases, the problem starts within the theme. So log into your FTP and rename the theme folder located in wp-content/themes/ …that will activate the default theme.

    Try to get into your WordPress dashboard after doing that. If you still can’t, you’ll want to reinstall WordPress completely. Download the latest version of WordPress and upload the files via FTP (this won’t overwrite any theme/plugin settings).

    Hopefully at this point, you can at least access the dashboard. Run a plugin called GOTMLS ( Run a complete scan (not a quick scan), and fix any files that are highlighted in red after the scan.

    Next change up all of your passwords. Hopefully if the hack isn’t too complex, you should be able to access the site by now.

    Make sure to look up “hardening wordpress” to find more on securing your site via htaccess.

    Sorry, should’ve mentioned the site.


    If you can’t get in through your WordPress admin, and you can’t log in through your server’s cPanel, there’s not much you can do until you get support. If it’s not a WP issue it’s a server access issue… Best of luck.

    Did you have backups of your site files and database? Those are a must. Also, what kind of security did you have in place. Please name the security plugins specifically so I can best provide an answer.

    Thanks for your help guys. I’m afraid I didn’t have it backed up but I have a feeling it may be something to do with the server as there seems to be a lot wrong with the site itself as soon as I put in the admin address. As for security I couldn’t tell you which ones I have because i trusted the plug in to do the job for me. Hopefully the server can help once I can reach them and then I may simply start again. It’s a pity but not the end of the world. Anyway, the lesson it taught me is priceless. When I looked the other day there was something riding in the pages from a similar site that was commercial, mine isn’t. I was going to try to shift that by deactivating just about everything and activating one by one as required.

    Thanks to everyone because I’ll make a note of some of these things for the future.

    I’ll mark this “resolved” now but I’m grateful for such a helpful community. You guys rock.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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