iTunesSpy - Where to find iTunes Authorization Key? (5 posts)

  1. drursi08
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to install iTunesSpy into my weblog here http://www.sevenstripes.com/blog.

    The problem is I cannot find out where to locate my iTunes Authorization Key...

    Does anyone know where the heck I can find it so I can plug it into this plugin?

  2. drursi08
    Posted 10 years ago #


  3. I took a look at it. iTunesSpy seems to be a companion to the iTunesWatcher program. iTunesWatcher sits in the taskbar and watches the tracks you play in iTunes, then notifies your blog about them when they change. iTunesWatcher is part of your blog and receives these notifications.

    The "authorization key" is like a password. You can set it to whatever, but it must be the same between your iTunesWatcher and iTunesSpy. This protects your blog from having somebody else insert their own tracks into it. See?

    This is similar to other "now playing" type of blog plugins. I personally use CG-WhatTunes to do this same thing, along with a program called "iTunesBlogger" to sit in the taskbar and watch iTunes change tracks. I also have plugins for Winamp/Windows Media Player/musikCube which can talk to CG-WhatTunes, so that it'll work no matter what player I use.

  4. drursi08
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Thanks for your help.

    Is WhatTunes compatible with 2.0.+?

    I'm trying to install it now, but receive several errors.

  5. Yes, I'm running CG-WhatTunes with 2.0.2 right now.

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