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iTunes Wishlist

  • Is it possible to add a “wishlist” of songs from iTunes to your wordpress blog? Similar to an Amazon wishlist plugin?

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  • What would a ‘wishlist of songs’ look like?

    Why not just use an Amazon wishlist, if that’ll do the basic job?


    Because an iTunes wishlist out allow people to purchase individual songs while an Amazon wishlist requires them to buy an entire CD. I set up an iTunes page using their “gifting” service, which allows people to send a song to someones email address. It’s not a plugin or anything, all manualy done, but it did the trick. 🙂

    Hmmmm. I know they can do that through the iTunes interface, but didn’t know there was a way to pre-tag things as links you click that take you to a ‘gift this’ page in itunes…

    If you send me some pointers, I’d be interested to take a look.


    Well I’m not a programmer or anything, I just linked to the songs in the iTunes database and included gifting instructions on my site. 🙂

    iTunes documentation is here http://www.apple.com/ilife/tutorials/itunes/it3-7.html

    and my “wishlist” page is here

    Having a plugin that could call small cd covers and automatically associate the email address & desired song would be awesome.

    ahhh. okay.

    yeah, they don’t really have a ‘service’ like Amazon wishlists, where the item is associated with a user. And I don’t offhand see a way to pass along an email address.

    I’ll keep an eye out as they improve their 3rd-party access, but it’s been pretty limited so far.


    hi guys, i wanted something like this myself so wrote a small windows app and have just built a website around it over at http://www.ichnz.com .
    essentially you create a free account, download the software and the app posts info to my server. itunes gifts get sent to your username [at] ichnz [dot]com and the redeem links get presented to your page on the site.

    its had limited testing so far (i.e. just me) and would appreciate any willing to try it themselves ? the site again is http://www.ichnz.com and am still putting the finishing touches to it. feel free to PM me – cheers guys ! paul

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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