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    I’ve been using Podpress since 2007 without any issues. All of the sudden, this week iTunes has an error saying that the URL cannot be found on the server. The URL is

    I may have updated something last week but I am not sure. I am using the most recent versions of both WordPress and Podpress.

    Can anyone help?

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    What was your previous version of podPress? Was it older than 8.8.8.x?

    Try to make sure that the this feed with the slug name podcast is active.
    In order to do that go to the Feed/iTunes Settings page of podPress. Scroll to the section podPress Feeds. The first feed in this section is probably the feed with the slug name podcast. At the beginning is check box to de-/activate this feed. Check the box and save the settings.
    Further go to General Settings (of the blog) > Permalinks and save the settings there too.

    Afterwards you may try to open the feed URL with your browser. Please, tell me whether there are error messages or not. If there is an error message post it here.
    You may also validate your feed (

    If you need more concrete help then you should post the name of your blog (or maybe the real URL of the feed).


    I don’t know what is going on. I think I messed with the options in the podPress Feeds section and screwed it all up. It has been working perfectly for so long.


    This feed does not validate.

    Server returned HTTP Error 404: Not Found [help] is my website. Thanks.

    It seems as if I am having the same issues that are here I am following what was said here, but it is not working.

    If I go back to version 7, it works. If I upgrade to the newest version, it does not work. I’ll just stay with the old version. Thanks!

    Plugin Author ntm


    The step from version 8.7 (which is 3 years old) to is a big one. But should be possible. The upgrade function knows all the necessary measures. But you a lot has changed since 8.7 and it is necessary for you to do your part after the upgrade. That means that you need to adjust some settings manually.

    Since 8.8.8 the settings of the feed /?feed=podcast are separated from the settings for the main feeds of the blog (e.g. /?feed=rss2).
    You can find the settings on the Feed/iTunes Settings page of podPress in the section podPress Feeds.
    This section contains also settings for further additional feeds. podPress has added since the early version more than the podcast feed to a blog and since 8.8.8 you have control over these additional feeds. You can activate or deactivate or you can customize them separately. This is e.g. useful if you want to have more than one podcast channel.

    But in your case you need to go to this section and control only the settings for the first in this section. These settings are the settings for the feed /?feed=podcast. The settings may be the same as for the main/primary feeds of the blog (but is no longer necessary). In every case the feed should be active (there is a check box at the beginning of this section) and you should not alter the slug name. It should remain “podcast” (otherwise the feed URL would be different).
    After you have controlled these settings save the Permalinks (simply save them. It is not necessary to modify them.).

    You may stay with 8.7. But I do not recommend this. Some parts of podPress 8.7 are not compatible with WP 2.9.x or WP 3.x.

    The better choice is to upgrade podPress. If you have questions along the way, you may ask them here.


    I don’t know. I’ve done what you said and it still does not work. the feed is supposed to be at but I keep getting


    This feed does not validate.

    Server returned HTTP Error 404: Not Found [help]

    error when validating. This sucks.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Since the episodes are appearing in the posts with the player and the other elements and also as enclosures in the default RSS2 feed, I would say the the upgrade of the db entries went well.
    The problem with the feed might have something to do with the filter settings for this particular feed.
    The is there. But it does not contains posts. That is why you get the 404 error.

    The settings for each podPress Feed contain several filters like the File Type Filter or the Category Filter. No value is selected by default and if you do not want limit the content of this feed for a certain reason then you should not select a value in these lists.

    Please, control these settings and maybe deselect the chosen settings. (or set the Filter Type Filter to mp3).

    Ha! It works! It works! Thanks so much.

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