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    so i have seen several itunes plugin with wordpress but thats only with mac. is there one with windows? i was lucky enough to find one at but i am no programmer so i don’t really know how to set it up. anyone here would like to offer me some advices?

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  • somefool


    how is this? Not specifically wordpress but i think it should be fine.



    finally i have found out that itunesblogger is one that i need. anyone here have implement it into their website? if possible anyone here would like to give me a hand on how to set it up please?


    Again, I have David Chait’s WhatTunes plugin from his PowerPack running on my system. It displays what I am listening to, whether I am running iTunes or WMP.



    Grab the CG-PowerPack. Activate CG-Amazon and CG-WhatTunes, and read the WhatTunes doc.
    It was BUILT on the PC, to work with iTunesBlogger. Just have it do an http post of the parameters as the WhatTunes doc specifies.
    ALSO, make sure you have proper perms on files. Especially, in /cg-plugins, make sure that TRACKTUNES.TXT is writeable by the server if it exists, and if it doesn’t exist either create a blank file or make sure that the /cg-plugins folder has RW permission (so the script can create the missing file…).
    Post here if you run into issues. I’ve been using it since day one without any major issues…



    i am just lost! do i have to install itunesblogger AND cg-whattunes? do i have to modify anything in cg-whattunes?
    so lost 🙁

    Has anyone had any problems getting itunesblogger to work? I mean, it doesn’t seem to recognize the songs I play in iTunes. I’m using iTunes 4.6, while the site recommends 4.5, although I doubt this is the problem.
    Any suggestions?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: dbglog()
    wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/cg-whattunes.php on line 51
    I’m getting this on my page when trying to list the songs that I’m playing. Songs get added fine to tracktunes.txt. I used this code exactly:
    if (function_exists(“getWhatsPlaying”)) // then we can use it
    $amaAlbum = getWhatsPlaying(true, true);
    if ($amaAlbum)
    start_block(“Now Playing”, “now-playing”, “li”);
    echo ‘<br>’;
    echo $amaAlbum;
    Any suggestions?

    That’s with CG-PowerPack 1.0FC2?
    If so, could just be a bug.. Comment out that line (whattunes line 51, the dbglog line), or remove it completely. Should then work.

    @david, before I go running off on a tangent, I bet you can answer this real quick: I’m currently running WordPress Wuh-Wuh. I haven’t had much luck getting other plugins to work with it; will this one? (I am hoping so since I think the CG-Amazon plugin is what ships with Wuh-Wuh.)
    Let me know. I’ve kinda been salivating over your CG Powerpack so if I need to be pushed to upgrade, this just may be that shove I need… 😉

    I’ll jump in here. I have been using it with each upgrade with no problems. I don’t see why it shouldn’t run fine, especially since it is its “own” little program and doesn’t rely on WP, except for the basic $siteurl kinda’ stuff.

    Hmmm — I don’t know of anyone distributing the CG plugins other than myself. Maybe it has AMM in it?
    I have CGPP working with a 1.0 WP codebase. I don’t know where Wuh Wuh forked off — that’d determine what work you might need to do. If it has the plugins system, you are probably good to go. Download the latest PowerPack, and try it out. Lemme know if you run into problems.

    Having the opposite problem here, I can’t seem to find anything that will do this on the Mac, there is no Mac version of iTunesBlogger and the only 2 alternatives don’t seem to work and are no longer supported by their authors. (Recent Tunes & iTunes Watcher)



    RecentTunes is what I developed CG-WhatTunes against originally. What problems are you having with it?


    I had trouble configuring it properly as I couldn’t find any particularly detailed instructions on the mutual configurations to get any WP plugins and Recent Tunes to talk to each other. I’m not a PHP guru and I read that Recent Tunes didn’t work with Tiger anyway so was close to giving up to be honest. I couldn’t get RecentTunes to affect the files it is supposed to write to in my WP site, so I hadn’t got as far as choosing a WP plugin to handle it.

    I love the way it has been done at – If I can get somethng like that I’d be sorted. I haven’t tried your plugin David, but I’ve just downloaded it. Can you give me any specific advice as to how to configure RecentTunes to talk to it? Also, does your plugin display album art and is it possible to link to the iTunes store rather than Amazon?


    All WhatTunes needs is an “HTTP POST” (or GET) request with the right parameters (the whattunes readme covers that). It has literally been months since I did any major work on WhatTunes, so it should just work as expected. 😉

    The plugin can be used to display album art via Amazon, if CG-Amazon is activated as well. I have to admit I’ve never even looked into what it takes/means to support iTMS links, but if someone points me in the right direction I’d be glad to look at it when I get some free cycles (heck, I might need to sign up as an iTMS affiliate, maybe can make a teensy bit back off the work! 🙂 ).


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