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  • As everyone’s surely heard by now, iTunes 4.9 with podcasting support is out. It has a fairly complete directory, but with very little metadata on each podcast.

    Apple has published a document with some RSS 2.0 extensions to fill in that missing metadata. I’m going to begin work on implementing those specifications in the WordPress RSS script ASAP, because I want my podcast to be usable within the iTunes directory sooner rather than later.

    My question is: is anyone else working on this, or does anyone have an interest in it? If it’s easy to do, I’ll wrap up the extensions in a plugin. If it’s not, I’ll just hack the PHP and share the changes here. I’ve never written a plugin before, however, and my time is extremely limited, so I may ask for help on the packaging-and-polishing part if anyone’s willing. Thanks.

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  • I’d be very interested in a plugin, especially as I’m having to manually enter the enclosure details into my posts… WordPress isn’t picking them out of the externally hosted mp3s automatically. I can’t check whether my feed is working with iTunes 4.9 until I get home from work. Anyone want to give it a whirl? 🙂 – music, art, fiction, politics

    i would also be extremly interested how to get this to work propperly. for some reason my wp-rss feed does not seem to work. luckily my feedburner link does… but wp-rss would be more specific and more precise.

    I am attempting to work on it right now editing the file manually.
    I am a bit leary of editing the wp-rss2/php file but what can you do.

    I would be very interseted in a plug in. I know some php and will help where i can. pure function is what is needed right now.

    Put me down for a plug-in as well! As soon as I read the specs (which I’m not knowledgeable enough to implement), I came here to see what was cooking. Thanks to SFEley for working on it.

    Hi guys,

    Well, I looked into the Plugin API and the WordPress RSS script source, and I’m afraid that a simple plugin to insert the iTunes RSS elements isn’t possible. Or at least, if it is possible then I don’t know how to do it. The problem is that the WP RSS 2.0 script outputs all of its RSS tags directly to the browser, without running them through a filter first. Only the post content, etc. are filtered, and the iTunes elements need to be on a higher level than that.

    The only straightforward approach, therefore, is to replace the wp-rss2.php file with one including the iTunes tags. I.e., to hack the WordPress code. I’ll be working in that later tonight, and I’ll be happy to post what I have. Or if you’re impatient, Kevin Devin on the Yahoo! Podcasters group has already done the same thing. You can search the messages there for his code.

    Or you can wait until Feedburner implements these elements, which ought to be any time now, since people are clamoring for them.

    Anyway, sorry I couldn’t give you a simple plugin. I really wanted to.

    ‘ello all
    what i have noticed is that iTunes does not seem to pick up a category-specific rss feed.
    i sometimes link to mp3’s that i do not wish to be a part of my “podcast”, because they are either too long or somethin g else is not right.
    so i use a rss link that only picks up one category, which is the i use for posts with mp3 that i do want to be part of my podcast.

    now it appears that iTunes is picking up my general rss alright, but not the exclusion, meaning everything gets podcasted.

    so in other words this is what gets piucked up:

    but this gets ignored:

    now, as far as how to solve this, i have no idea. anyone?

    me again. i found a guy called kevin devin’s code @ podcasting yahoo group.
    he went ahead and changed things by hardcoding around directly in wp-rss2.php.

    its looking quite good, for now, but what i would be intersted in is how to call only one category, my podcast category, using wp-rss2.php.
    i am thinking of creating an itunes specific rss feed here, named accordingly: wp-rssitunes.php, for the time being.

    also: he is using this: <itunes:summary><?php the_content(”, 0,”) ?></itunes:summary> which prints the whole text, html-included. there has to be a better option?

    I’m getting the same, I can’t add
    to Apple’s directory. Could an .htaccess rule be added that would enable the use of something like:
    to the correct url?

    Also, when I’ve manually added the feed into iTunes 4.9, the description has some non-converted HTML characters…
    (ie. the apostrophe in ‘Here’s a new audio…’)

    How can I get wordpress to not put these into the feed. Thanks to anyone who can help!

    Just to clarify my last post, also gets ignored by Apple’s directory.

    actually, at least for me, it does not get ingnored, but i does not seem to filter things propperly. so if i input /wp-rss2.php?category_name=podcast it will pick everything else from all other categories as well and hence probably decides to pick up /wp-rss2.php

    Ah, I see. Perhaps Apple is just moderating my feed!

    Perhaps the .htaccess thing I mentioned above could help you? I don’t know exactly what the redirect rule would look like though…

    You already have a neater url – try

    Well, there we go! Does this solve your problem, pieceoplastic?

    I loaded the kevin devin file, and ran it through a file validator that gave me line by line errors and got it to work.

    just another wordpress webblog is the default tagline, see options > tagline, to change it.

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