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  • I post and change content from several computers into a remotely hosted v2.0.1 or 2.0.2 install. I now run into the “enable sending… etc.” error all the time on any of the computers that run ZoneAlarm. However, I believe the school’s IBM R51 laptop — running a different AV package — consistently allows me to post, update pages, etc.

    I have followed most of the directions except those which call for changes at the hosting end, as that is a little more risky. I don’t have the time to devote to babying the blog, so plan to find another technology to use for the classroom site.

    As a last resort I will check with the ZoneAlarm forums but after much searching I have not found the one fix that will work.

    BTW, is there something wrong with WP’s Support Codex Search today and yesterday? I get “nothing found” for searches like “ZoneAlarm” with or without checks in all or some [target] boxes. 90%+ of these ZA hassles are listed as “not resolved” despite all the efforts of the volunteers here.

    Thank you, folks, for putting in the time to write back and help with issues!

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  • You might check this thread:

    I must say I had problems on differing sites because of Zone Alarm. It seems ZA has problems with many cms/blogging scripts, not just WP.
    I finally ditched it for Comodo firewall and have never looked back.

    Thanks for the link. I thought I had read every “enable sending referers” message from the past year and a half but I’d missed that one.

    However, the ZA “guru” is suggesting a fix for sites mistaken by ZA for threats, and I have been experiencing the inability to post or edit in WP because I am not sending/WP is not seeing referer info. I don’t get a ZA Security pop-up warning. I will take the steps he describes because I have to try everything before I move to another technology platform for the blog.

    I’m not willing to turn off my ZA while I am posting to/editing the blog.

    One of the threads that is linked in that discussion says that the whole thrust of fixes suggested during the past two years+ had been to avoid or circumvent a problem that should be addressed. “It doesn’t fix a problem to lower security to make the app work” or words to that affect.

    There are a lot of ZA users out there and WP can’t exclude itself from that large a crowd. If we are a big group, why can’t someone who really cares/benefits from more WP growth sit down to figure it out? The only answer has to be that we are a smaller number than our howls of frustration would indicate.

    Again, Samboll, thanks

    The ONLY ZA product which does not at this point in time cause major problems with access all over the ‘net is the free version. I “regressed” to it from the paid suite about 6 months ago (after nearly going bald and voiceless over the stuff that was happening) and haven’t had any trouble since.

    I tried comodo’s firewall, Sam, but it actually gave me more trouble than ZA Suite did. Comodo’s Ivault is a priceless little applet though….

    Interesting, and expensive, as I had paid in for a more than a year ahead to save myself the hassle of at least one set of reminders and re-licensing. Oh well…

    So which is worse, spending time finding another solution for my classroom web presence and collaboration (a wiki?) or sticking to what some of the kids are used to and having to go out to buy the AV/anti-spyware that I got from the security suite version of ZA.


    You allude to wider problems than just the WP editing, although nothing else *seems* to have been caused by their code.

    Oh, I (and others, and there are various threads on ZA’s forum – at least I think they’re still there) had problems with almost any php/mysql app that required login. Many people (moi aussi, of course) had trouble with simple graphics-loading on any site, no matter what “privacy” setting we used (and in my case, none at all – I deactivated the whole “privacy” thing, which didn’t help at all).

    For instance, during the month I used ZA Suite, I could (with difficulty) access cPanel on my own and client sites – if I had 15 minutes PER SITE to waste while it loaded – and when it did load, there were NO GRAPHICS and half the links didn’t work; I also got continual “warnings” about phishing and insecure sites…. on my own reseller accounts…. under https:// addys.

    And BTW, ZA refused to refund my payment for Suite, saying that “they weren’t at fault for sites which didn’t meet ZA’s security criteria, but which I insisted on visiting anyway”…. my own reseller https:// control panel? Oy….

    Regardless, I just wrote that off as a loss this tax year. And regardless, I really love ZA’s free offering. It works just fine, doing exactly what it says it will do. If I didn’t have a hardware firewall, I might worry. But I do. So I don’t.

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