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  • All I need is a simple FAQ page which lists by category. I have had issues with FAQ plugins before.

    Free versions bloated with adware for the premium version, lite versions so lite they are useless, conflict after conflict with my standard plugins and ones that just don’t work.

    I decided to have a last trawl through whats on offer before giving up on free FAQ plugins (I just don’t need the bells & whistles of the premium ones) and writing my own, when I saw this one.

    When I see reviews with no one star ratings I get suspicious, usually no matter how good a plugin is someone will leave a one star either because the free version doesn’t have premium stuff added or else they are too ‘technically challenged’ to get it working (I am being very careful with my word selection here).

    This plugin doesn’t even have any 2 star reviews wow….. really?

    This means either people are doing things properly and raising support tickets for issues before slamming the plugin on the review site (how likely is that?), or this plugin works and is idiot proof.

    After trying it I can confirm It really works and is (virtually) idiot proof, I don’t need to fiddle with shortcodes as [faq] on my FAQ page gives me everything I need, how easy is that…..
    I had a little mess around with the shortcodes anyway and if I want other options the documentation is easy to follow.

    Problem solved, quickly, simply and with minimum effort and I don’t have to spend Christmas day writing a plugin.

    Thanks guys

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