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  • Hi!

    I’ve migrated multiple blogs to a WP 3.01 multisite. Before I have multiple subdomains like,, etc.

    Now I’ve created * subdomain at cPanel and new site works fine. But I needed to remove previous blog1, blog2, etc subdomains at cPanel because if not, I get a 500 error after create blog1 site and trying to access

    My problem is that some blogs have more data inside in folders not related to WP (like

    It’s there a way to have access both to * and blog1 subdomains?


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  • No.

    upload those docs inside WP and recreate the URLs with pages.

    I’m not so sure, Andrea… I did it.

    I have wildcards for my blog, but I also ran a named subdomain without any problems or conflicts. Didn’t do anything special to do it either. Just set ’em up in cPanel and wandered off.

    Yes, you can do that if the subdomains are different.

    the OP wants a physical folder on the server the same as one of the blogs in MU. gotta be either / or. He’s already got an error.

    Yes. as Andrea said, there is no problem with subdomains not used for blogs (like the forum one). In my case some blogs has docs used in entries whose links fails now.

    Need time to try Andrea’s solution while I think it will work too changing doc’s urls to Just the subdirectory instead the subdomain.

    Luckily, there is no many links to fix.

    I’ll keep you informed.

    Hi again!

    I’ve tried Andrea’s hint about upload files into WP. It works OK for author’s page but fails to (replicated) main page. Those files uploaded to for post seems not to be accessible from main page’s replicated post.

    As a little background, I’m using OSM plugin to display maps with gpx routes like here. The plugin needs to have gpx and some txt files at same domain that post.
    At the previous model (multi WP instances instead multisite WP) files under were accessible from replicated post, but not now.

    Note that I also need to install and set up PJW Mime Config plugin to allow gpx and txt mime types both in main and author’s page.

    Any more ideas?


    Those files uploaded to for post seems not to be accessible from main page’s replicated post.

    How are you replicating the post to the main site?

    At first moment were replicated by RSS importing. But later edited manually to change old URL ( to the one inside WP like

    Edit: and next step will be using sitewide tags plugin for next post. Still not installed.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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