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  • Hi,

    I think this editor is useful for non “tech” people which needs extra options when formatting the post.

    However, the lesser they can edit, the better is the final post, because there not many things to go wrong with. If someone need any special elements like cover photo with text or so, it is better to write own shortcode function or download such a plugin at worst.

    For me, it adds a lot of unnecessary stuff. The worst thing I have found on it is a way of adding new blocks. The “Plus” button went somewhere of and I can’t add any other type of block the paragraph – when hitting the plus button. After some “magic” I have added the image block, but it’s really hard to work with that.

    The final verdict: it’s quite cool, however it should stay as a standalone plugin. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @frenkyyy thanks for leaving a review. I would like to know more about if possible where the plus sign seems to be missing. That sounds like it could be a bug and would you be able to create an issue here: If not, could you tell me a little more about when it vanished and what block you were using at the time, so I can try and recreate?



    Well, I have updated the plugin but the problem persists. I’m trying with the latest WP and my custom theme. I have the latest Firefox in Win 8.

    The “plus” button disappears in main content editor area. It happens for paragraphs and headings when I write something and click out of the current paragraph block instead of pressing enter. Beside that I think it disappears when I switch between gutenberg and code editor. However it is only visible in top fixed bar. Well, now I see it will appear again if I click to block and then pres Enter. However I think this is not a good experience. I can’t add anything without that and I am lost.

    Beside that after a longer stay in Gutenberg, I have to say it’s not so bad. What I like is the two column possibility. However it misses the possibility to add heading / image / etc… I also like the possibility to add latest posts.

    I dont like that it adds html comments to the code editor – i hope it will disappear.

    I have tried some of my custom shortcodes and it works pretty well. However I am afraid of how it will be handling all the shortcodes. There should be some nice way (beside the code editor) to insert shortcodes especially for structured content like.. [shortcode]<h2>title</h2><p>paragpraph</p>[/shrotcode]

    I really like the possibility to easily add the excerpt on the right side.

    I know in most cases it’s not recommended but there might be reason to use multiple H1 tags wihtin one page – when you have multiple sections on page – so Guttenberg should allow to add H1 tag in content – well for most people it may not be the best.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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