• I used MailPoet for years pretty flawlessly. Once the update for v3 came around then things started getting problematic.

    Overall, it’s a decent plugin, however, I can get more features for free with other setups than MailPoet. It’s not a bad place to start with newsletters, but you’ll probably find yourself outgrowing it eventually.

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  • I use it for little projects, but larger projects require a lot more control. I tested the dedicated service. It’s fast and easy, but I get no control over the suppression errors that I expect to see in the logs. They just throw these addresses in the bounce list with no method for discerning or dealing with the issues.

    @robertburr, what exact controls would you like to have?

    I’d like to see the error logs, know the reasons for non-delivery, be able to add or delete from the suppression list based on the type of error, know which subscribers have not opened or clicked, which are over quota, which subscribers have labeled my emails as spam, which lists are rejecting for a claim of spam content and what content triggered the alert), which black lists this IP shows up on, which are temporarily delayed, which have no mx record… basically the logs offer a ton of good information about why these emails are rejected. Where are the logs? My process is to review my logs after each mailing. I realize you’re probably trying to make that easy, and perhaps most users want the process to be easy.

    I’m also used to total control over html (I know you have some ability here), matching my styles and css settings for the various web sites, getting email notifications of unsubscribes, referencing which subscribers click on which links.

    It important for me to cull my lists for those that have never open and read a message, or clicked on a link, and I miss that from version 2.

    Robert, you’re asking for quite a bit of control indeed, perhaps more than we’re willing to give. The more options we give, the more sub options users will ask.

    There are dozens of good possible bounce reasons for example. Not sure we want to let users start parsing those.

    Same goes for HTML. It’s a minefield to get HTML that works across all email clients. Allowing edits to the HTML is opening a pandora’s box for support.

    Finally, we will soon allow you to cull non engaged users. More to come!

    That’s a good improvement. I realize you must be careful not to load yourselves up with a ton of tech support. Its been a challenge with the change from MP2 to MP3 — for all of us.

    I’ve been building servers since 1993. The big clients take a lot of effort, but I’ve been hoping that several dozen non-profits that I support could easily get their communications out with minimal effort. I need hyper-efficiency, reliability and predictability.

    >I need hyper-efficiency, reliability and predictability.

    Who doesn’t 😉

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