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  • The developer confirmed over on Twitter that he’s unlikely to be able to offer any support to the development or fixing of this plugin.
    That means unless you can code yourself, it’s never going to work with the ongoing updates of WP, which is a real pity because it looks to have been by far and away the best job board and CV software out there.

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  • Really? Damn, that’s a shame – was hoping for a new version. Haven’t found anything comparable evn with its flaws.

    Yep, It is indeed a crying shame because in terms of ease of use (for the bits that actually work) it’s by far and away the best designed job board plugin there is.

    Just wish I hadn’t wasted two days fighting with it before deciding to ask him directly for help on Twitter.

    Can’t get any short codes to work, and the job posting page only posts as a fully expanded list. Far from ideal.

    Be interested to hear what if any solution people have resorted too, beyond paying through the nose for something like the Zartis job manager, which is brilliant, just has an absurd pricing structure.

    Yeah – have tried lots of alternatives, and this was closest to what i needed…. maybe it’s time i started looking at the code line by line

    This is a simple and free solution for small careers sections

    Can somebody help me, in which php it’s developed? I am new to PHP and not able to figure out the code.

    This is a great plugin and it works great with some coding changes. I think Gary needs to make it a paid plugin and maybe we can get him back. Until then I have been doing my own coding to the plugin for over a year and everything is working perfect so far.

    T Klein


    Do you mind uploading your version scvoyager for the rest of us to benefit?

    Also, it is true, this is the best Job plugin for wordpress by far. Lots of features that are easy to use and you can do pretty much anything with it.

    T Klein

    My guess is that scvoyager has altered the code to fit the functionality and overide of his/her particular theme, so how far that can be used by others is debatable.

    But, +1 on the idea of being able to see it in action! 🙂

    Ive been adding code the same as Svoyager. I’ve added it to the plugin files and not in my theme. So far iI’ve manaed to add a confirmation email for the applicant and short code for displaying different Job lists based on category names. So I can now have unique pages. Another feature I’m adding is a secure folder for CVS as ATM anyone can view them.

    i don’t think there is any good free job listing to use in this wordpress plugin

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