• I installed this app. 4th one today, looking for stats. It shows when I am online, but when I go to the stats for the day, there are zero vistors. Does it update in real time, or daily?
    I was using a piece of crap plugin, but it just showed visitors on a curve graph.

    When will audience overview be updated? hourly, daily??

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  • Hi,

    The reports are updated hourly for Today and daily for all other reports (yesterday, x days ago, and so on).

    While all the feedback is appreciated, you should post the questions on the support section instead of transforming them in reviews…

    Anyway, reviews can be also updated by just writing a new one, in case you decide to update it.

    Regards and thank you!

    I checked it out, and it works good. Thanks for your reply. Give it 4/5 now

    @cameron-w you can update your review by adding a new one.

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