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  • Plugin Author Labib Ahmed


    As I see you haven’t asked for any kind of support at forum and you just leave a bad rating here with comment that it’s not working.
    This plugin has 1000+ installs and how you can say that it’s not working and secondly as I reviewed your activity you had left bad ratings to 3 plugin in an hour which is really strange to see.
    We work on these scripts and keep them updated and it’s really discouraging for us if people left such kind of rating and review without any valid reason.

    Thread Starter lubluarbuz


    I’m trying to find at least one good carousel of posts. Unfortunately the 4 plugins I found turned out to be bad. 3 plugin worked not so as was written. Your plugin did not start at all. So I am very sorry that you reproach me without any valid reason.

    Plugin Author Labib Ahmed


    I think you wanted a stand alone plugin and this is a visual composer extension which could only be used if you have wpbakery page builder plugin installed that’s why you felt it not started.


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    @aazztech This review as well, there is nothing here that requires a moderator’s attention.

    These reviews are feedback. You do not have to agree with a reviewer’s opinion.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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