• The description say “The best part, its completely free”. That’s not the case. plan are as high as $300 a year and as low as $89. There are no free versions.

    I would give zero stars for misleading me if I could.

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  • Hi

    That’s an interesting perspective but a few points of clarification:

    – Remote Malware scanning – Free in the Dashboard

    – Hardening – Free in the Dashboard

    – Post hack Guidance – Free in the Dashboard

    – Login Audits – Free in the Dashboard

    – Integrity Checking – Free in the Dashboard

    These are all the things it is referring to being free. Yes, there are paid services for automated monitoring and remediation and protection. It doesn’t mean that what you get in the plugin is not valuable as well.

    Thanks for the feedback.


    I will have to look again, but I saw none of these options

    I have not paid a penny and fixed a horribly hacked site.

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