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  • It’s an events manager. Not a calendar. Don’t name a plugin “calendar” unless it displays events on the frontend in calendar format.

    Edit: Other than that, the plugin did display the events on the frontend very cleanly, and the backend was easy to use. The dashboard for adding events could flow a bit better, but then again it’s insanely lightweight and straightforward.

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  • Plugin Author Jerry G. Rietveld


    Wow, all the hours that went into making this and then to get punished with a 1 star review due to somebody’s lack of knowledge on the English language.

    In general, giving 1 star reviews is insanely disrespectful, unless the plugin is just really broken. But for choosing a supposedly wrong title???

    I’ve explained the working of the plugin quite well in the description I think, and there’s even screenshots included to show you prior to installing what the plugin does. So your poor English is no excuse either.

    Anyway, just to help you improve your English, here’s the definition of the word calendar according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

    • a list or schedule of events or activities that occur at different times throughout the year

    Thanks a lot!

    Yeah, you’re right. Sorry about that. That day was a horrible day, and I was at ropes end on so many different things. Had gone through about 5 or 6 different plugins like this one, hoping to find a chart calendar plugin, without having to go to codecanyon, because I was already pretty far over budget on a project…and yours had given me higher hopes, because you have a picture of the specific type of calendar i was looking for, set as the header image for the plugin. I rarely fully look through the descriptions and screenshots, because so many other developers out there barely even bother with them. Just kinda gave up on even checking for them after a while.

    I’ve just always known calendars to be the actual grid calendars…I’ve never heard of anything else being referred to as a calendar. My mistake for not looking it up first.

    Anyways. That was piss-poor behavior on my part, and no real excuse for it, and was poor stress management. I am sorry for the offense, and all I did was manage to embarrass myself I’ve bumped my review up to an actual review. This plugin did do well as an events manager type of calendar, just wasn’t what I was lookin for. Best of luck to you with future developments.

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