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  • After nine months, the issue is still there, as in this topic.

    Files /wp-content/cache/minify/0451a.default.include-footer.760257.js and /wp-content/cache/minify/0451a.default.include.114c12.css are not loaded, and block site rendering.

    Really no clues on this?

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    Can I get your website’s URL so I can have an understanding of what is the exact issue that you are facing? Looking forward for your reply.

    Kind regards,
    Bogdan S.

    Sure, but I prefer making it not clickable if you don’t mind (two dashes instead of dots): www-bluesreviews-it

    I see the issue with the webmaster tool of Firefox (screenshot), translation is:
    The …/wp-content/cache/minify/0451a.default.include.114c12.css style sheet has not been loaded because its MIME type, “text / html”, does not match the “text / css”.

    Thanks for the interest.



    no problem at all. I was able to load the website. However, often enough minify creates empty files when “behind the scene” there is a bug within the code (even a minor one can affect minify) . I would suggest to test minify with combine only. If that will work clearly there are some requests/calls that minify can’t find.

    Another solution would be to switch minify on manual mode and go through those settings, perhaps change the order, tweak CSS settings a bit more.

    Tested with combine only in js and css minify settings, but nothing change, the issue is still visible.
    I have already tested the combine only in the past for other issues and I had the impression that it works in much the same way as minify.

    I already use the manual mode because I can’t minify all the files otherwise some of them don’t work and the site doesn’t load well.
    By the way, those files that I exclude from minification are the same that cause a failure to load all the resources, at least this is what a Google test say… but it seems that nothing is wrong either on the desktop or mobile, i.e. the site is displayed well, but this G mobile test tool always does not load different resources.
    I do not even know if I have to trust too much that tool, but those “not-loaded” files are the ones excluded from the minify, and in addition there are always those two “default.include” W3TC files in the list.

    I understand what you mean by changing order, but how?
    The files that are minified don’t seem to cause any problems, it’s the excluded ones that make the page load partially (according to the tool), but this is not a W3TC issue, not directly at least for what I know, they say “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined”.

    Anyway, how do I figure out what the correct order should be? I don’t even know what to choose in “template” and “embed location”. I don’t know if the files that are minified are bad configured, maybe because a wrong order, template or location, and so in conflict with those that I keep out from minification.
    I know this is very complicated, I would be content to solve the problem of those one or two “default.include” for now.

    Plugin Contributor gidomanders


    Google’s Mobile Test Tool is not that reliable. jQuery not defined means the jQuery script is not (yet) loaded. They “can’t load” certain scripts and if you try the test again, you get different results every time. It’s better to test using Google’s Search Console, fetch the pages and click to display the possible errors. If you want to, you can even submit the page for crawling.

    To answer the other questions, we might be of better help when you submit a bug report in Performance => Support and provide us with login credentials. That way we can debug your system to check what happens and if there is indeed a bug causing the empty minified file.

    Yes, I tried all day long yesterday and the results were always different, but in terms of number more than type or name. The empty and blocking default.include files are even three:
    I searched the web some hours and I find many support requests about these files, but no solutions.

    The Firefox web console report error only for CSS file, telling that its MIME type, “text / html”, does not match the “text / css”.
    GT Metrix report for those files these recommendations: inline small javascript and CSS, leverage browser caching, and specify a cache validator.
    Google’s Search Console fetch the pages without issues.
    Thank you for offering to look deeper into it, but I’m not so comfortable giving my credentials. Is there really anything I can do for that “mime type”, or to follow the performance recommendations, like something to add to the htaccess and/or some plugin configuration?

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