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  • Plugin Contributor James Huff


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    Hi there, just to be clear, we aren’t malware, and we aren’t hijacking anything.

    If you search for a solution or feature that Jetpack already provides, like a contact form for example, we offer a helpful reminder that you could simply enable that feature in Jetpack instead.

    We are not replacing your plugin search results in any way, we are simply adding a recommendation for a feature provided by a plugin that you are already using. 🙂

    Plugin Contributor James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    I can assure you that our intention was to not be misleading, but I understand that it’s just my word against what you believe.

    As mentioned, we are currently considering an even more distinctive design, just to avoid any confusion at all.

    Thread Starter Marco Almeida | Webdados


    A good design for adverts hijacking an open source project search results page is easily achievable by a single line of CSS:
    display: none;

    This is misleading, and it’s not what I believe. Just read the posts that are being written across major WordPress related blogs.

    I believe the people working on Jetpack do not have the intention of making it misleading, but this is a corporate decision you must stick with.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    SO! Here’s a few points and then I’ll close this review to new replies. This has gotten into blog/comment/protest stage and that’s not what the review section is for on this site. That applies to any plugin or theme review on WordPress.ORG.

    1. The plugins team has looked at this and has stated that this behavior does not violate the plugin guidelines. Just as I know that there are things I may dislike about something, my dislike does not necessarily signify that that thing is against the published rules. You and others may disagree and that’s fine. But the plugins team has weighed in already.
    2. This is the review section of this plugin. It’s not a discussion forum, it’s not a blog post. It’s for providing feedback about an experience with this plugin. That feedback has been provided (scroll to the top) and other users piling onto this review isn’t helping anyone. That is why many of the replies have been archived and cannot be seen.
    3. If you are a user of this plugin, feel free to leave your own review. BUT! Don’t just leave a review like “This sucks!” or leave a “protest” review. Your review is your feedback and you have to actually have used the plugin to provide that feedback.

    *Re-reads. Thinks about getting more coffee.*

    That’s about it. I am now closing this review from new replies.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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