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  • Something I noticed when I installed the nightly build from the 30th of August: WordPress has gotten so junky! It’s just chock full of all sorts of useless stuff that I don’t need, like <head profile=""> and those geoUrl tags, not to mention about half a dozen different syndication techniques. When I want to edit my template now, I have, what is it, three files I have to switch back and forth to? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind editting amidst the PHP tags. I’m just…well, I guess I like a clean, mean web publishing machine, and what I got now is choked up and constipated. Is this where WordPress is heading? Will it collapse under its own weight?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    XFN is a new web standard, and wp using it is a good thing.
    Syndication ? Cut them out if you wish, but you are stopping others from maybe reading your blog with an RSS reader.
    Geourl ? That too is cool – seen Worldkit ?
    They are a few small lines that add a whole lot of functionality and flexibility to your blog. Total code weight is probably around 10K – not too much is it ?
    and register please ?

    Is XFN actually a web standard? A recommendation of a specification, isn’t it? Or have I fallen behind on this, also. Certainly this is not the exact place or venue for discussing XFN, its merits and/or non- (pros or cons) but then, again, if it isn’t actually a standard yet began getting included in the header, it might warrant reference in the documents? Along with some of these other aforementioned things, a brief definition would be useful. Seems that there are references for css layouts, tags, template stuff, etc, but not for meta, RDF which, in many ways, is the horse (vs the cart). The user then has more to work with in determining RDF and header info as it fits user’s objectives. Not a criticism, mind you, not at all. A suggestion. Meanwhile, for those who need or want it, an all-purpose general reference is .

    I think the reason why they have a header.php footer.php etc in the new one instead of it all in the index.php is to get ready for multiblogs that everyone wants. If you want all the blogs to have the same look you just put the fills into your index file for that blog. That way if you want to change the look all you have to do is change the header.php etc. Makes it alot easier that way.
    I don’t think you will see it really used in 1.3 but in the future you will. Remember when they said they are slowly putting things into the newer builds to get multiblog ready?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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